Magnetic Wet Erase Daily Family Schedule Expansion Pack – Pastels


15″ x 7″

Wet erase / Dry erase

Pastel colors (3 individual colored magnetic strips + one time slot strip)






  • Organize 3 family members (or more when purchasing the Original Schedule)
  • Strong, flexible magnets won’t fall off the fridge (or any magnetic dry erase board)
  • Bright, colorful magnets separate to customize each family’s schedule (colors coordinate with our chore charts so each family member can find their color easily)
  • Super fine tip wet erase marker allows for detailed writing and prevents smudging, but wipes clean even months later (dry erase marker can also be used but will rub off easily if touched)
  • Fits standard or side-by-side refrigerator, any size
  • Time slots are blank so you decide what times work for your family, even down to one-minute intervals

Don’t forget to add a CHORE CHART and ORIGINAL SCHEDULE

to get the most out of your schedule!



Reasons YOU will love your schedule:

  1. You can change your day with just a swipe.
  2. Using a schedule helps your child learn responsibility and be accountable for their own time and activities.
  3. Takes nagging out of the equation because now you can just point to the schedule when family members are getting off task.
  4. Fills in for your brain when it needs a break! Planning your day has already been done once so there is no need to tax your mind with what needs done next over and over.
  5. Any time a family member is away, sick, or unable to complete the full schedule, that’s okay! Having a schedule just gives a reminder of what you’ve already predetermined you’d like to be doing during a certain time of the day, so it’s easy to jump right back in.
  6. If you’re not already a scheduler, don’t worry! Just fill in the times you eat, sleep, wake up, and then add one item at a time until you have worked up to having a fully filled-out schedule.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 7 in

teal, mauve, periwinkle


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