3 Easy Steps to Menu Planning That’ll Save You Time, Money, and Energy

Just jump right in and get going! In this video I neglected to mention that we also do have breakfasts pre-planned. Each of the four oldest children (ages 17 to 8) have a meal, or two that they are responsible for making on the same day/days each week.

Because Matt and Lizzie are older they are able to prepare fully-cooked meals. Every Wednesday, for example, Matt cooks fried eggs, sausage, and gluten-free pancakes.

While the younger kids don’t do too much cooking yet, they can still be very helpful. Ethan, 10 years old, is in charge of serving up yogurt with nuts and granola. And he feels so accomplished!

Each of the days of the week have a person and meal assigned to it. Every child masters their assigned meal before they get to move on to a new one.

In “the old days” we used to eat cereal every single day. Although it was a no-brainer, we just weren’t getting the health benefits that a cooked or planned out breakfast could give us. And no need reinventing the wheel with a new breakfast every day.

We love Indian food so we bought an Indian cookbook which came highly recommended from a friend who lived in India. Each week we can use a learned recipe or pick out a new one! You can do this with whichever type of food you like. I’m getting a Mexican cookbook next! Here’s a link to the only Indian cookbook you’ll ever need:

I tried menu planning countless times over my 25 years of married life but it never stuck until I did this. Just try one more time…you won’t regret it!

If you’d like to download your own WEEKLY MENU PLANNER you can get it



Remember, just 3 easy steps:


Print your planner



Use Adobe Acrobat, another document editor, or handwrite to pre-fill your breakfast and lunch meals and give an outline of dinner meals / Print a copy



Use this pre-filled menu each week (copied) and fill in where you’d like to customize those few dinner meals

weekly-menu-meal-planner-filled-inVOILA! Done and done.weekly-menu-meal-planner-3

What do you like to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that makes your day easier? Do you have a favorite go-to for when you are in a pickle and need a quick fix? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. November 20, 2016 / 3:12 am

    What makes my meals easier is if they’re pre-made. My favorite make ahead breakfast item are pancakes. Make them at any time and freeze between sheets of wax paper. They heat up quickly in an open wood stove oven or your can nuke them for a minute or two for hot, freshly made pancakes. Another quick thing is just scrambled eggs with some melted cheese on top to make them taste better.

    Other meals that make my life easier are one-pot dishes such as soups and stews that we can leave simmering on the wood stove all the time. Everyone can eat as they become hungry. No special cooking or prepping required.

    My go-to meal when I’m rushed or get home late is always spaghetti. We have plenty of home canned sauce always ready, and I keep a stocked up supply of pastas in our pantry. 10 minutes for the water to boil and 10-12 minutes for the water to be ready. Sauce takes 10-15 minutes to heat up, so I can have dinner on the table in about 20 minutes!

    • Love My Schedule
      November 20, 2016 / 3:20 am

      Thanks for the pancake idea! Now we can make them ahead of time (a month’s worth on a Sunday) and just pull them out of the freezer each week. Great task batching!

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