How to Organize your Purse for the LAST TIME!


Get it together! You’re how old and still don’t have a neatly organized purse? Well, it’s just not something most mothers teach their daughters. My mom taught me how to sew, cook the best food, and write checks, but never a mention of organization. And her mother never taught her so that she could pass it on to me. But my daughters, and sons too, WILL learn it from me.


Designate individual pouches (clear works better but I love me some fun stuff). Mine are: technology, girlie froo-froo, wallet, drinks/snacks, medicine/first aid.


Notice how all the bag inserts are up on their end. When looking down into your bag you should be able to see everything you have. My medicines are kept in the middle pouch.


Take just a minute to print out this handy-dandy little PURSE ORGANIZATION CHECKLIST and get started!

Once a week (whichever day you choose for your weekly planning session) grab your printed checklist and see what you’re missing. Most weeks you won’t ever need to look at your checklist. It’s really more to get you started thinking about what you need, or want in your purse.

Remember to turn all of your purse contents up on end so you can easily see what’s in there. Avoid the tendency to stack items on top of each other. If you find you have too much in your purse to make it fit easily then you may need to consider a larger bag.

Don’t forget to use these helpful tips to get that purse straightened out once and for all!

  1. Choose a sturdy-sided purse
  2. Keep items standing up on end
  3. Label wallet and purse where needed
  4. Use a business card holder to keep cards clean
  5. Repurpose containers for better organization on a low budget

And when you have tackled the unruly purse and you’re feeling invincible try out some of my other tips and tricks to getting and staying organized with little or no effort. By actually scheduling opportunities to do these short touch-ups from time to time you’ll find yourself feeling free from chaos and confusion.

This is the YouTube playlist WEEKLY SCHEDULING SERIES where you can see all the videos in the series. So check them out and subscribe if you like what you see!

Once you get your purse organized share a picture on our Love My Schedule Facebook Page and show us what you did. Let us know what you put in your checklist that you haven’t seen here.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’re making the MOST of Every Day!

What do you like to keep in your purse that I haven’t listed above? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love My Schedule
    December 14, 2016 / 3:26 pm

    Don’t forget to have fun with your bag! When you have all of your purse’s belongings in pouches it is so easy to switch bags. Just grab what you need and go.

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