Lyme / Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome RECOVERY – What works for me!

My health story (nightmare) began in 2012 when I became ill with so many different symptoms that no doctor could tell me what exactly was wrong with me, let alone how to treat my illness. The long list, although I’ve forgotten many of the symptoms from the beginning, include;

  • heart palpitations
  • panic attacks
  • dropping blood sugar
  • raised fasting glucose
  • low blood pressure
  • high blood pressure
  • vertigo
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • loss of “good vision”
  • ringing in ears
  • major memory loss (embarrassing)
  • twitches all over my body
  • extreme fatigue/lethargy
  • depression
  • rage
  • insomnia
  • inability to stay awake
  • major constipation/bowel blockage
  • tired but wired feeling
  • gall stones (had my gall bladder removed-big mistake)
  • liver pain and elevated liver numbers
  • food allergies
  • headaches
  • and just about everything else you can think of!

Mind you, ALL of my labs were normal (except my liver enzymes we elevated once). But I was dying!

After becoming bed-bound, off and on for a couple years, I finally discovered the root of my mystery illness.

I was adrenally burned out! Who wouldn’t be with all I’d been through? I had a large loss of blood and developed PTSD over a major hemorrhage following the birth of my eight child, my mom/best friend died a rough death due to cancer, my husband was laid off from his steady job of fifteen years, we built and learned to run a restaurant, our two oldest sons moved out of the house, our house burned to the ground… Is there any need to go on?!

Being diagnosed with many illness like Lyme, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue led me in a new direction with my research. Understanding how these illnesses worked was the first step to my recovery. I now view my illness as MSIDS (multi systemic infectious disease syndrome). Basically, a lot of infections in my body that are now running rampant because of the stress I brought upon myself and the stresses of everyday life that I could not control. I have eight children and many of them also have the same illness with different symptoms.

My whole lifestyle had to change, as well as how my whole family ate and lived. The restaurant and food truck we built from the ground up (with our own hands) would be closed due to added stress. All of my friends would soon drop off because I had no energy to jump up and join them at a moment’s notice. Mind you, I was a true Type-A personality with all the adrenaline that comes with it. My days were now spent lying in bed for most of it while the rest were used up in preparing healthy foods and dividing vitamins and supplements into little trays. Oh, and let’s not forget the enemas and daily epsom salt baths that lasted hours.

I am almost back to 100%, where just just a year ago I was only around 75% recovered. There have been a few things in these past years that have been game-changers for me. Below I have listed a few of them.

All of these items that I have used in my recovery have been well-researched for use in adrenal recovery. Remember, if you are at the beginning of your illness you may not be able to tolerate some of these suggestions. Every body is different. If you are unsure of how to proceed I can give some ideas but not medical advice.

When I was newly ill I was told that there was no such thing as a full recovery. Good thing I’ve never been a follower! But still I couldn’t seem to find others who had gotten better. Well, I’m living proof there is a chance at full recovery (without antibiotics) and there are quite a few others out there too. They just don’t hang out in areas where people are looking for cures because they are out living again. Hang in there, it does get better…much better!

If you find yourself in the same situation and need some direction with your recovery please feel free to contact me. I’m not a health professional, but I do have a lot of experience with this illness and know how to get set on the right path.

Here’s to your health!!!

Here are the LINKS to some of my favorite items that I use regularly and LOVE:

*Yes, some of these are affiliate links. No, they don’t cost you anything extra. Maybe, we can earn enough to pay for a child’s doctor visit with the proceeds.

Oil of Oregano (must have 75%+ Carvacrol) And it’s organic! Take 5 drops in water 3-4 x’s/day for yeast infection or other intestinal bacterial infection.

Take a sauna for 3-30 minutes (as tolerated, don’t wipe yourself out) 2 -3 x’s/week.

Take 1-2 capsules for anxiety any time of day but very helpful before bed (becomes less effective over time so only use as necessary while incorporating deep abdominal breathing and lifestyle changes).

I use my oil diffuser almost everyday! Add lavender, patchouli, or bergamot for a chill-out session that lasts all day Or add orange or lemon for a little pick-me-up.

THE best travel (or stay) cup you could ever wish for. I’ve owned a Contigo for about 15 years and love that it never spills, even in my purse. Helps to keep you hydrated. This one is a 20 ouncer!

Another stylish way to get your oils in – add drops of oil to the felt pad to match your outfit and your mood.

My favorite way to keep it all straight! This is my own creation, made when I was lying in bed and trying to keep six homeschooled kids organized and on task. It’s wet erase (or dry erase) and magnetic to stick to the fridge or on a magnetic board.

Natren Probiotics

OMG!!! My new best friend. I have been using the Healthy Trinity (which is about the best you can get) for over a year when their customer service told me about DigestaLac for regulating bowel movements. Get ready for TMI… Before DigestaLac, for over 20 years, I had rabbit poop once a day, if I was VERY lucky. Now, life-changing, soft stools that don’t break apart twice or three times a day. There is nothing better than a good poop! This may just be the one thing that I would hold on to if I could keep only one product in the whole world. It’s that good!

My favorite fix for brain fog! I can’t believe it took me years to find this answer to my horrid brain fog. Just try a dropperful of this elixir in 4 oz of water and wait for the magic to happen.

Another easy-to-take formula that helps me to face strenuous days. I take just a dropperful twice per day to help combat the effects of daily stress.

Not all digestive enzymes are created equally. These little guys have everything you need to digest fats, proteins, and carbs along with a little HCL to improve digestion even further.

What a lifesaver! When anxiety was at an all-time high these tiny bottles of chill pills were everywhere around my house, in my car, and in my purse. These tasty little pellets easily dissolve in your mouth with no water so you can take them anytime, anywhere.

Wouldn’t go anywhere without my essential oils, and this makes it even easier.

Katina’s book are so inspirational and helpful. Her first book, “Out of the Woods”, was the first glimmer of hope that I would recover fully. Yay, Katina!

Check out the reviews on this book and you’ll see why it was so valuable to me. For recovery, this book explained the why and how I got sick. And it helped me with the first part of recovery from being bedridden. VERY informative.

This may seem like a lot of money to spend on DVD’s but they are exactly what you need when you cannot exercise. I could do them while I was bedridden all the way up until strong and steady. A real confidence builder when you cannot exercise at all.

These are the bad boys that got me over the plateau of being 75-80% well. After taking lots of supplements and vitamins and changing lifestyle habits, I was ready to wipe out the rest of what my body hadn’t been able to on its own. These drops are taken four times a day and come with a checklist to make sure you know exactly what to take and when. Being robbed of a good memory, this is invaluable! After just 3 months on the protocol I went to about 95% well. Yippee!!

I love this app for helping to de-stress and get to sleep when I had lots of anxiety. Best used on the phone.

The reminders and color-coding really help to organize and keep track of what NEEDS done. Integrates with Google Calendar as well.

Brian Johnson’s site, Optimize, is the only paid subscription I have right now! And I keep it, no matter what. Lots of learning about living your best life with minimal effort.

This set of oils is a very nice, well-rounded offering of therapeutic grade oils. In my house, we often use peppermint for nausea, lemon for circulation and house cleaning, and lavender for anxiety. We use all the oils, but some more than others.


When I need to take vitamins and supplements with me for the day I use these little containers because of their super-tight seals and snap on lids. They are ease to throw in my bag and have ready when I need them.

These water filters are able to filter out all of the bad stuff but still leave the minerals found in the spring water we drink. So we’re not worried about getting a bacterial infection, viral infection, or parasite that the local water company has missed. Yes, that has happened to our family when there was a break in the water line!

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